With a wolfish appearance and dense white fur, the Swiss White Shepherd is one of the most beautiful dogs out there. Both morphological and phylogenetic it is essentially a white-haired German shepherd.


Throughout its history, the breed has received different names among which are: American-Canadian Shepherd, White German Shepherd, American White Shepherd, and White Shepherd; until finally, he has ended up calling himself a white Swiss shepherd because the Swiss Canine Society was the first to recognize this breed as an independent.


White Swiss Shepherd Dog Breed information:

In 1899 Cavalry Captain Max Emil Frederick von Stephanitz bought Hektor Linksrhein, the first dog to be registered as a German Shepherd. Hektor later renamed Horand von Grafrath, had a white sheepdog named Grief as his grandfather.

Being the descendant of a white dog, Horand (or Hektor, as you prefer) passed on the genes for white fur to his offspring, even though he was not a white dog. Thus, the original German Shepherds could be dark, light or white in color.

In the 1930s, however, the absurd idea arose in Germany that white fur was characteristic of lower German Shepherds and that dogs with such fur degenerated the breed. This idea was based on the belief that white dogs were albinos and, consequently, had health problems that could be inherited by their offspring.


White Swiss Shepherd Dog Breed personality:

In general, White Swiss Shepherds are intelligent and loyal dogs. Their temperament can be somewhat nervous or shy, but when they are well educated and socialized they adapt easily to different situations, so they can live in different places and under different conditions.


The socialization of puppies is very important because, by their nature shepherd dog, white shepherd dogs tend to be reserved and cautious with strangers. They can even be very shy and become aggressive due to fear. They can also be aggressive towards other dogs of the same sex. However, when well socialized, these dogs can get along well with unfamiliar people, dogs, and other animals. In addition, when they are well socialized they tend to get along very well with children and are very affectionate dogs with their families.


With good socialization and education, White Shepherds can make excellent pet dogs, whether for families with children or for adults. Of course, you always have to supervise the interactions between dogs and children to avoid risky or abusive situations, either from the child to the dog or vice versa.


White Swiss Shepherd Dog Breed characteristics:

The Swiss White Shepherd is a large dog, although it is not among the largest known breeds. It is a very proportionate animal, sophisticated in its form, but also strong and muscular. He is a little longer than he is tall, and quite an athlete, since he is capable of both running at speed and exercising in power. Its withers are quite high, which means that its limbs are long and slender.


The back forms a straight line until it reaches the base of the tail, and the tail is long and thin towards the tip. He usually wears it at rest, but when activated he raises it to medium height, never exceeding the height of the back. The head is stylized, with an elongated and fine snout, which could be reminiscent of the typical wolf’s head, as well as its small and deep eyes, and large and always erect ears on the head.


White Swiss Shepherd Dog Breed health problems:

Contrary to popular belief, the White Swiss Shepherd is not a weak animal or more prone to disease than other breeds. In fact, it has proven to be generally a tough and healthy dog, although it does have a certain genetic predisposition to some diseases such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, or heart disease. You can also suffer from allergies or dermatitis on the skin, and sometimes dangerous gastric torsion, something that can be controlled with good lifestyle habits.


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