Many cat breeders may wonder what cats eat from home food, and this is what we explain in our article today, in addition to putting some special qualities that can be placed in the list of cat food from home, and this is how to prepare healthy food at home for cats, and this helps to save time and money for cat owners, other than some prepared foods or dried foods.

Cats Eat at Home

Boiled eggs: 

Some say that boiled eggs are considered a distinct source of protein that benefits cats, but as I mentioned earlier in the article, the cat should be given a small amount to eat because it is said that there are some cats that do not eat some foods or even if you eat them, you must make sure that they will not harm them. In something like an allergy to that food or something.

Cooked meat:

Cats are carnivores, like all other animal creatures. Cats love to eat cooked meat, especially boiled. Meat is rich in some nutrients that benefit cats, such as protein, which helps them stay healthy, but unfortunately, some people do some wrong things when feeding cats meat. Among these mistakes, according to some, giving them meat cooked with a lot of spices, and is said to harm your cat, as some people give the cat bones of meat. Yes, I know that there are cats that can eat bones, but some advise not to give them these bones.


Many cat breeders offer liver as food for the cat, because they love it very much, and it is an important and essential source to give cats many of the essential vitamins and minerals they need to build their bodies in a healthy manner

Whole brown bread:  

rich in dietary fiber, protein, and many minerals. Some suggest that you can feed your cat a little of it if it does not produce any allergic reaction to bread.

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