The Welsh Terrier or “Welsh”, as its fans affectionately call it, is a true terrier in every sense of the word. It is a smaller, medium-sized dog with a coat of brown and black wire hair and facial hair that gives it the appearance of having a large mountain goatee.

However, for someone who has never owned a terrier and is in love with the distinguished appearance of Welsh Terriers, it is important that you carefully consider what you are going to get into before running off and bringing home a Welsh Terrier puppy. They are definitely a high-maintenance breed that requires a good size yard and a lot of encouragement to keep their mind occupied.


Welsh Terrier Dog Breed information:

When it comes to dog breeds, the Welsh Terrier is not an ancient breed, but it is a fairly ancient breed nonetheless, with drawings and artwork dating back to the early 1800s being the earliest depictions of a dog that looks like he. The breed is believed, however, to be the first original terrier and that it developed in the mountains of Wales at least three to four hundred years ago.

the dog in the oldest photos was then called the Black and Tan Haired Terrier or Old English Terrier. The dog has not changed at all since those early days, because his representations from that earlier era perfectly resemble the current Welsh Terrier, in fact.


Welsh Terrier Dog Breed personality:

It is truly ironic that the Welsh Terrier looks so much like a poodle, because their temperament is anything but that of a docile breed. This is not to say that this dog does not make a good pet, because it makes an excellent loving pet, but the Welsh Terrier should be paired with an owner who has the room and time for it.


The Welshman knows no fear and will fight any dog, regardless of size, if challenged to do so, and is also a relentless hunter who will chase a mouse for days under a house if need be. So they can be rogues if they don’t have a good-sized yard with plenty of room to run and play.


Welsh Terrier Dog Breed characteristics:

The Welsh Terrier is a breed of dog that must be seen in person to fully appreciate its unique appearance, as the photos do not do it justice. It is the goatee that attracts attention and creates for this breed of a dog its distinguished European appearance.


His elongated brick-shaped head and bushy eyebrows only contribute to the unique overall appearance of this active “rascal” of a breed of dog. It has a medium-length curly brown and black coat with wire hair, with the predominant black coloration on its sides and back, as well as its docked tail.


However, the Welsh Terrier is born black and will remain so throughout its first year, gradually changing color as it matures. Her hair is also made up of two layers and both are thick, making it prone to flaking. The Welshie is a small to medium size dog, with males between 15-17 inches tall and weighing between 20-22 pounds and females slightly shorter by about an inch and slightly lighter by about 3- 4 lbs.


Welsh Terrier Dog Breed health problems:

The Welsh Terrier has a normal and healthy body with a tough and durable physique. But like most dogs, they can suffer from cardiovascular, colon, and gastric torsion diseases.


In addition, you must also take care of your skin to avoid flea and tick diseases. If you need to remove ticks from your dog, remember to do it with great caution to avoid major complications.

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