Whats The Best Dry Food for kittens ? For many people, cats are an essential member of their family; Therefore, they are very careful to choose the best types of dry cats; So that it is of high quality, and contains the nutrients necessary for the proper growth of the cat’s body, and provides it with the elements it needs, and for the selection process to take place perfectly; Vetwork will show you throughout this article; About the best types of dry food for cats.

The Best Dry Food for kittens in Egypt:

  • Royal Canine Dry food
  • Mera Finest Fit Dey food
  • Friskies Kitten Dry food

1- Royal Canine Dry Food :

Royal Canine Dry Food for kitten

 dry food for cats Royal Canine dry food for cats is considered one of the best cat food because it provides a very large variety according to your cat’s needs, that is why Royal has divided according to its products The age group and also the availability of therapeutic products that help cats who have kidney problems, for example, they reduce faster: Kitten or adult or senior

It is preferable to buy Royal Canin for cats if your cats have hairballs in their stomach or if your cat is contagious for 7 years because in both cases there is no alternative in the market for them, and you can 

buy Royal Canin dry food for cats and take you home

2-Mera Finest Fit Dey food :

Mera Finest Fit Dry food for kitten

Can be included in your cat’s diet easily: This food provides you with comprehensive nutrition and is suitable for all different types of cats and it is okay to include it in their diet along with wet or wet foods and snacks
Rich in minerals and vitamins: This food includes a good proportion of the vitamins that are important for cats, whether for their general health or the health of their skin, skin, and hair. Perhaps the most prominent vitamins in it are vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin C, all this in addition to minerals such as copper-zinc and iron
Gives your cat a great protein ratio: You will find that this food contains up to 28% protein, 14.5% fat, and 4% raw fiber, which is what cats need in their diet
Easy to Chew and Digest: The granules of this food are precisely designed for cats and do not cause them to have a problem with chewing or digestion.

3- Friskies Kitten Dry food:

Friskies Dry food for kitten

Meat is NOT the first ingredient
This food is mostly made up of corn and other fillers
Low protein, very high carbohydrate
Friskies product line includes 6 dry recipes/flavors.

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