Ragamuffin Cat Breed You may never have heard of them, but Ragamuffin cats are really special. They are the perfect companions for both families and singles, as long as you can pay enough attention to them.

Besides being aesthetically beautiful, they really have great character. They are affectionate, sociable and love to cuddle. They even love being charged! What else do you want? As they are generally very quiet and peaceful, they are perfect for both small and large houses.

Ragamuffin Cat Breed

Ragamuffin Cat Breed information:

Probably, you too, thinking about the names of purebred cats, did not know that the Ragamuffin breed existed. This is because it is a relatively recent hybrid. Its history, in fact, is quite particular and is closely linked to another feline breed, much better known, the Ragdoll. This last breed of cat was born in the 1960s.

The breeder who first discovered it and created this name, however, imposed very strict rules for its selection and breeding. For this reason, in 1994 a group of breeders separated from the International Ragdoll Cat Association and gave birth to the Ragamuffin breed, a cross between the Ragdoll (descendant of Burmese and Burmese cats), long-haired domestic cat, and Persian cat.

Ragamuffin Cat Breed personality:

The Ragamuffin is a placid cat but does not relax completely when held. He has a uniform temperament and gets along well with all members of the family. Changes in routine usually do not bother him. It is the ideal companion for those who live in apartments. 

Ragamuffin Cat Breed 2

Ragamuffin Cat Breed characteristics:

The Ragamuffin is a large long-bodied cat. It is heavy-boned with a long tail and thick fur. The Ragamuffin looks even bigger than it is.

The Ragamuffin has a medium-sized head but its coat makes it look larger. The ears are also medium-sized and arranged on the sides of the head to continue the triangular look of the face. The legs are long and strong. The chin should be well developed and the oval eyes should be blue.

The Ragamuffin comes in various colors and patterns. Some of these pattern colors are those of a rag doll. Some of these color patterns are the same as in Ragdoll cats. The Ragamuffin with a colored spike pattern has a light-colored body with a darker contrasting color on the limbs, mask, and ears. The Bicolor Ragamuffin also has dark spots but will have an inverted V on the forehead with the stomach, with all four legs and white-collar. The Ragamuffin with gloves also has spikes but in this color pattern, the paws are white, like the chin. In addition to these classic color patterns, the Ragamuffin has other colors and patterns.

The Ragamuffin’s coat can vary in length from semi-long to long. It is soft, fluffy, and silky.

Ragamuffin Cat Breed health problems:

Ragamuffins are large-breed cats and generally have a very robust physique. They are usually in good health, but like all purebred cats (not crossed with others) they can be more prone to developing certain ailments and diseases. These diseases are mainly polycystic liver syndrome and stiffness of the heart muscle tissue.

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