Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed Precursors, along with Siamese cats and Persian cats, of many of the current cat breeds, the oriental short-haired cats, despite not enjoying as much fame as these others, constitute a settled breed, which in their place of origin , Thailand, have become historically representative, being an ancient race, very settled in the East. Extroverted and communicative, there is much to discover about these felines, which is why from Animal Expense we want to dedicate an exclusive file to them.

Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed

Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed information:

In reality, the Oriental is a Siamese with a different colored coat and green eyes (except in the case of the white one, who has blue eyes). Its shape and character are identical to those of the Siamese. The oriental cat was created by crossing Siamese cats with other breeds to obtain different colors. The black Siamese had been around for a long time, but it wasn’t until 1950 that a major effort began to breed different colored cats. The black began to be known since then with the name of Oriental Negro. The next eastern breed to develop was the Havana, a chocolate-colored Siamese (not to be confused with the Havana brown cat, which is a distinctly American breed). Since then, selective breeding has given rise to many more coat colors and patterns.

Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed personality:

We are facing a breed that stands out for its way of communicating, because their meows are powerful and they will use them to convey what they want or how they feel, being a breed with remarkable communication skills from a very young age.

Orientals love to spend time outside, but this does not mean that they do not adapt to life in flats or apartments without a garden, everything will depend on the hours of games and attention that we offer them, and if these are enough to release the energy and can remain calm. They do not tolerate loneliness well, which we have to consider if we spend a lot of time away from home since they are animals with a great attachment to their owners and they would have a very bad time.

Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed 2

Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed characteristics:

Oriental shorthair cats are medium-sized cats, as they usually weigh around 4-5 kilograms. They have slender and muscular bodies, their limbs are elongated and thin, which gives them an elegant and graceful appearance. Its tail is long and pointed and its feet are thin and small. The whole gives the appearance of a light and agile animal , appearing to weigh less than it actually weighs.

Its head is medium and triangular, wedge-shaped, being thin in the nose, which is long and straight, and widening as it approaches the base of the ears, these are prominent and erect, without leaning forward, being proportionally large with respect to the head, and broad base. Their eyes are almond-shaped and oblique to the muzzle without protruding or sinking in a perceptible way, they are usually bright green.

Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed health problems:

Oriental cats can be very long-lived. Although the lifespan of most long-haired Orientals is long and healthy, there are several diseases that appear to be related to the Oriental family; Siamese-like disorders, with which they are closely related.

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