Mucormycosis in dog is a disease caused by various fungi that are mainly found in the soil. But let’s see what are the symptoms to watch for.

Mucormycosis in dogs Causes:

This pathology is caused by fungi that can be easily found on the ground. These fungi can come into contact with the dog by attaching themselves to its fur, skin, or if the dog inhales the fungal spores or eats the plant in which the fungi are present.

Mucormycosis in dogs Symptoms:

Once the fungus enters the dog’s body, primarily the gastrointestinal tract, it invades the blood vessels, gradually reducing blood flow until it stops, causing damage to Fido’s tissues. The main symptoms to watch for are :

These symptoms can appear, depending on the immune system of our furry friend, in a mild or severe way. If not treated in time, mucormycosis can cause the death of the dog.

Mucormycosis in dogs Treatment:

It could also, in the presence of skin lesions, also require a biopsy of the latter to highlight the presence of fungal infections. The moment the vet diagnoses mucormycosis in dogs, he will prescribe the appropriate treatment for Fido.

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